The new baby shower rules

His and hers, pink and blue? Not anymore. Baby showers are now more creative than ever. By Lisa Witepski


Just a few years ago, the typical baby shower comprised a few of your friends (girls only) faking enthusiasm over the third pack of wipes you just opened. Thankfully, things have changed!

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Heres everything you need to know being a modern mama at a baby shower:

He can come too

Since many women roll their eyes at the thought of a baby shower, it’s no surprise that many men feel relieved to get a free pass for a round of golf. But it’s becoming more common to include the dad and his friends, which creates a more inclusive party-like atmosphere. Forget red-velvet cupcakes and set up a pizza bar at home.

Dont limit yourself to growers and bottles

More and more moms are using baby showers as an opportunity to flag things they really need, even if they don’t have a place in the nursery. No one’s going to raise an eyebrow if you put feeding-friendly underwear or tops on your registry – some moms even request a group coffee machine purchase (after all, when you have kids, the coffee craving is real).

Your newborn isn’t going to be a newborn forever. Think about things you might need when your baby is a little older – maybe there are some gorgeous clothes you have your eye on, or even toys.

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Move beyond pink and blue

Neutrals aren’t just for moms waiting to have a surprise on the baby’s birth day. There’s no reason to go overboard with decor in pink or blue depending on whether you’re having a girl or boy. Break down those gender stereotypes and opt for a theme in neutrals or your favourite colour.

Yes, you have a second baby shower for the second baby

Overseas, a baby shower hosted for your second child is jokingly referred to as a baby “sprinkle”. Whatever you choose to call it, it’s now perfectly acceptable to welcome baby number two with a party of her own.

Celebrate you and your baby

Etiquette at milestone events has changed precisely because those events have changed so much themselves. If you hate the idea of being the centre of attention, with everyone watching as you open presents and try to suppress your heartburn at the same time, just don’t do it! Get some of your friends together for the kind of party you genuinely enjoy, cocktails (or mocktails!) and all.

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