8 of our favourite gender-reveal ideas

Boy or girl? Break the news to family and friends with these clever gender reveal ideas.


From gender-reveal cakes to umbrellas giving off blue smoke, we rounded up some of our favourite gender-reveal ideas to share – whether you’re expecting team blue or team pink.

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Its raining men

We love this creative idea. It is something completely different and so beautiful!

#PressPlay Sis took gender reveal to a whole new level!

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 Box it up

Another cute, but affordable, idea is to fill two boxes with balloons. Pink for a girl and blue for a boy. At the party, mom- and dad-to-be open the boxes to see if they are expecting team blue or team pink.

Gender reveal golf

 If your partner is an avid golfer, this is the perfect gender-reveal idea.

Balloon pop

Get the whole family involved with this fun idea.

Cake fight

If you feel you’re willing to take on a pregnant woman’s hormones, go for this. Or ladies, you could get your partner.

Pie fight 

This is also a very cute idea – just make sure you get your partner first.

Erupting volcano

 Get the siblings involved if you’re expecting baby number two or three.

Coloured powder

If you enjoyed the Colour Runs, this gender reveal idea is perfect for you. Get all your guests to dress in white for the big reveal.



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