7 genius hacks to turn everyday clothes into maternity wear

Don’t spend a fortune on maternity wear that will be out of fashion by the time you’re pregnant again – rather adapt the clothes hanging in your cupboard right now. By Lisa Witepski


Maternity wear are usually never quite what you’re looking for. On the other hand, you already own a clothes that you’ve spent good money on and love.

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Here’s how to keep wearing those old faithfuls all through your pregnancy:

Make a belly band

You can buy a belly band, or make one yourself by simply cutting a strip off a tight-fitting T-shirt or vest. Why would you want to do this? Because if you put it around your tum, you can still wear your favourite jeans. Just leave them unbuttoned – with your belly band in place, no one will know.

Grab a belt

Remember Michelle Obama’s stunning mid-2000s belted cardigans? Get the same style by adding a belt when you wear one of your larger button-downs, tunics or dresses – just wear it under your breasts, rather than around your waist (which, let’s face it, you probably can’t find right now). You can make any dress part of your pregnancy wardrobe with this trick – and, if you feel that the dress is too short, just add leggings to turn it into a long-length top.

Belt-loop tricks

You know that awkward stage when you’re not quite showing, but you can’t fit into your jeans? Here’s the solution: take an elastic band, and loop one end around the button on your denims. Take the other end, pull it through the buttonhole, and then loop it around the button.

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Leggings: the ultimate item

Basically, you can build your entire wardrobe around the leggings that are already stashed away in your cupboard. They’re stretchy, so you won’t have to keep supersizing; they’re comfortable (which is an attribute you may not fully appreciate until your third trimester – by which time you’ll wonder if there is any other reason to buy a garment) and they go with anything. Plus, you probably already own a couple of pairs, so it’s not like you have to make an investment.

The strappy vest is your friend

Wear one under your button-down, and it won’t matter that you can no longer close all the buttons.

Bra bravo

You’ll be shelling out for feeding bras soon enough, so it’s understandable if you don’t want to spend on a bigger bra size. Simply purchase a pack of bra extenders (available from Woolworths) to give you a bit more room.

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Wear your clothes a little differently

You might feel that every part of your body is growing, but the reality is that the area under your boobs remains more or less the same. That means that you can still wear your favourite skirts; just shift them a little higher, rather than wearing them around your waist. Again, your trusty leggings are waiting if you feel this makes the skirt a little short.

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