3 reasons not to give in to your pregnancy cravings

Pregnant women can develop some weird and intense food cravings, but sometimes it’s best not to give in to them. Here are three reasons why. By Lijeng Ranooe


In a study published in Appetite journal, there’s evidence that food cravings play a role in excess gestational weight gain (GWG) among pregnant women. Indulging your cravings has also been linked to health complications for both mothers and their babies.

  1. Some cravings are unhealthy

Eating a bag of biscuits a day is never a good idea – pregnant or not. While some cravings can be healthy, everything is better in moderation. Cravings during pregnancy are an indication of the nutrition your body lacks, says the study. It’s best to go and see a specialist to assess what your body needs for a healthy baby.

  1. You can gain weight

Although the total amount of weight gained during pregnancy is caused by various factors, unnecessary excessive eating can lead to more GWG. This may lead to a bigger baby, which could affect your birthing process.

  1. It may take longer to lose the baby weight

The experts in study agreed with previous research that showed putting on too much weight during pregnancy is the biggest contributor to not being able to shift the weight after birth. So overindulging in your cravings could make it more difficult to lose your excess baby weight. Try to eat healthily and exercise as often as possible. Starting the day with a filling breakfast is one method to try to curb the cravings.




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