10 things you won’t be able to do late in your pregnancy

Being pregnant may be one of life’s biggest joys, but the last few months before you give birth are going to be a little difficult. By mommy blogger Nikita Camacho


You’re pregnant, congratulations! If you’re still in the early stages of your pregnancy, simple tasks are still doable, but as your pregnancy progresses you may find that there are some things you just can’t do anymore.

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Looking serious

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You’re arguing your point with your partner and would usually cross your arms for emphasis. But now your protruding belly makes it awkward for you to do so. Instead, you fumble with your arms while your partner laughs – the argument is done.

Tip: Practice your serious face instead.

Walking without waddling

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Walking becomes waddling in late pregnancy. While penguins may look cute waddling around, you don’t feel cute – you’re tired and you think you need to pee again for the 10th time.

Tip: Save yourself the trouble and judge your to-do list by how far you need to walk.

Making it through a conversation without yawning

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You yawn your way through the day and often apologise for doing it. It’s not that you find others boring, but growing a human is hard work.

Getting some beauty sleep

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After yawning the day away, your bed may feel magical as your head hits the pillow. However, your moment of bliss is zapped by karate kicks from inside your belly. It’s a long night of tossing and turning as you struggle to sleep.

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Squeezing your feet into high heels

With all the shoes you have to try on, you feel like Cinderella… or more like all the other ladies in the story trying to squeeze their foot into the glass slipper..

Tip: Swollen feet are a problem, so opt for a pair of flip-flops that are one size bigger.

Wearing anything other than leggings

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An expanding belly brings the war of the pants. Yoga pants, tracksuit pants, maternity pants… Make peace that leggings are your best friend and unfriend anyone who tells you that they aren’t, in fact, pants!.

Picking things up off the floor

The inevitable happened, you dropped your phone on the floor. Your natural reflex of bending down and picking it up is no longer an option. You debate whether you really need to pick it up or if you can wait for someone else to do it.

Tip: Learn to master the side pick-up. Stand next to the object, bend your knees and reach out to the side.

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Shaving your legs

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To shave or not to shave, that is the question for many heavily pregnant ladies. There are three options, forget about a razor; go to a salon for a wax or just wear leggings.

Driving comfortably

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Driving late during your pregnancy can be a little problematic. Your belly continuously rubs against the steering wheel while the seatbelt cuts awkwardly around your belly.

Tip: You could always hire a chauffeur or, more realistically, purchase a pregnancy seat belt. It’ll make your driving comfortable and safer.

Feeling emotionally stable


Your hormones are all over the show! Anything and everything will set you off. The silly toilet paper with puppies has you in tears. Someone finished the biscuits and you’re ready to break out ninja moves.

It’s OK – just blame it on the hormones and move on.

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