7 Tips to prepare your body for pregnancy

Are you planning to fall pregnant? These tips will help to ensure that your body is in the best possible shape for conception. By Sister Lilian

*Originally published in April 2009

  1. Instil some sense of regularity into daily routines. Eating three to five meals sitting at a table (they don’t have to be huge). Regularity allows one to feel in control and at peace.
  2. Go to bed no later than 10pm and get up at 6am, responding unhurriedly to bodily functions. This will help to avoid the digestive ailments that can bother women before and during pregnancy.
  3. Make less hectic appointments and concentrate on what’s at hand. This will help you to pace yourself when it comes to pregnancy, birth and parenting.
  4. Do some light-to-moderate exercise every day. Choose what you enjoy doing, as long as it’s safe. Walking, dancing, yoga, swimming, stretch exercises or playing tennis are all good options. A sense of well-being will improve your self-confidence for pregnancy and labour.
  5. If you tend to suffer from upper respiratory allergies such as sinus infections and hay fever, use a humidifier at night with a few drops of eucalyptus oil.
  6. If allergies are a problem for you or your partner, avoid the six most common dietary allergens (wheat, cow’s milk, soy, fish, egg and peanuts).
  7. If you’re overweight, try to lose most of the weight before trying to conceive. This will make your pregnancy more comfortable.
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