10 ways your second pregnancy is different to your first

Posted on June 7th, 2019

Despite knowing that your second pregnancy may be different to your first, you may still find yourself expecting it to be the same. Here are ways that it might differ. Compiled by Sharon Mahlase

10 ways your second pregnancy is different from your first

It’s only natural now that you are expecting your second baby to base your pregnancy on your previous experience. Interesting to note, however, that you’ll probably discover that a second pregnancy is not quite the same as the first.

The following are 10 ways your second pregnancy is different from the first one.

1. Your bump shows earlier

During your first pregnancy, you waited for what seemed a long time for your bump to appear. That was all thanks to your stomach muscles. With a second pregnancy, those muscles are long gone and you won’t even need a pregnancy test, as you will probably look six months pregnant in the first two months.

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2. You don’t fixate on the due date

You now know better and are not fixated on a single day that the doctors say is the due date of the baby.

3. The reaction is not as exciting

The reaction from friends and family will certainly feel a little less enthusiastic with the second pregnancy than it was with the first one, as the element of surprise or shock is no longer there.

4. You are tired, always

With your first pregnancy, you could make time for naps and proper sleep when you needed to. With a child in the house, sleep becomes a thing of the past.

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5. There’s no pamper time

During your first pregnancy, you probably made time to pamper yourself. Now as you have to care for your first little one, there’s no time for luxury treats.

6. You know exactly what to buy

With your first baby, you had time research and write shopping lists of items to buy. You wanted your baby to have the best products on the market. With your second baby, you’re more relaxed and you know that half of the things you bought last time were a complete waste of money.

7. You forget you are pregnant half the time

Your child already demands your constant attention, so you are too busy to remember that you are expecting another one.

8. The birth plan goes out the window

With your first pregnancy, you spent most of your time researching and planning how your little one was going to make it to this earth. This time around, you know what will or won’t work.

9. Time flies by

Time really goes by so fast when you are expecting your second baby. It is as if you blink and already you are halfway through your pregnancy.

10. Your nursery preparation is pretty much non-existent

With your first baby, you probably spent hours on Pinterest and Instagram searching for the perfect look and design for the nursery. Now you are more concerned about space for two children rather than decorating.

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