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Registered Midwife and Professional Nurse Pippa Hime

Pippa has extensive experience in all things baby related with a special interest in preparing couples for the exciting journey of parenthood as well as supporting them in the weeks that follow the birth.


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Pippa Hime

Nursing sister and South African Certified Lactation Consultant Christine Klynhans

Christine currently works at Parentwood Baby and Family Wellness Centre in Pretoria as a well-baby clinic sister and antenatal teacher. She also has a breastfeeding practice and a Breast Pump Demo Centre.

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Christine Klynhans

Car Seat Expert Mandy Lee Miller

Mandy is the creator and director of national car seat awareness initiative #CarseatFullstop and is recognised as one of two car seat experts in South Africa.

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Mandy Lee Miller

Registered Sleep Consultant Jolandi Becker

Jolandi is registered sleep consultant and the managing director of Good Night Baby.

Jolandi’s journey with Good Night started with her being a client. The baby-mom-sleep-struggle ignited her passion for sleep and her purpose became clear.

After joining Good Night as a consultant in 2014, her passion grew with each family she assisted. Now, Jolandi’s helped hundreds of families (over 600), and she believes sleep is the fundamental building block of healthy living. She considers the education around better sleep as a passion rather than a job.

In 2016 she joined the management team and a year later she became joint owner.


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Jolandi Becker

Registered Dietitian Abby Courtenay

Abby is a registered dietitian currently working as a Nutrition Educator and content creator for Shaw Academy in Cape Town. She graduated with a Bachelor of Dietetics at the University of Pretoria and also holds a Masters’ degree in Nutrition from the University of Stellenbosch.

She is registered with the Health Professional Council of SA (HPCSA) and is currently serving as the Executive Committee Secretary for the Association for Dietetics South Africa (ADSA).

Abby has a special interest in woman’s health (including maternal and infant nutrition as well as lifestyle modification and weight loss) and also consults regularly for medical conditions, most notably osteoporosis, renal and oncology patients.

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Abby Courtenay

Qualified Nurse and Midwife Ann Richardson

Ann Richardson is also the co-author of the international bestsellers, Baby Sense; Sleep Sense
and author of the international best seller Toddler Sense.

She has worked in the midwifery and paediatric fields for over 30 years and has numerous certificates in child health, sensory integration, vaccinology, asthma and allergy, nutrition, travel and sleep medicine. A pioneer in starting private baby clinics in South Africa, and passionate about her work,

Ann runs a busy baby clinic focusing on child health, immunization, travel health, nutrition, growth and development,  and specializes in the treatment of “fussy babies and toddlers”, in particular those with feeding and sleeping disorders.

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Ann Richardson

Nutritionist Desi Horsman

Desi Horsman is a leading authority on all things food. She is a qualified clinical nutritionist, wellness coach and professional speaker. She is passionate about her discipline and sharing her incredible knowledge about the human body and the connection between mind and body wellness. She is also very passionate about teaching parents how to feed their children so that they foster a healthy relationship with food from their earliest beginnings.

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Desi Horsman

Master Life Coach Judy Klipin

Judy helps people cultivate essential life skills so that they feel and become more able in every area of their lives. She specializes in working with people who are exhausted and overwhelmed because they struggle with asking for help, feel responsible for everything and everyone around them, and tend to put themselves last.

She has a busy private practice in Johannesburg, from where she also offers coaching sessions over the phone and Skype.  She is the author of Life Lessons for the Adult Child as well as Recover From Your Childhood and Recover From Burnout.

Cell: 083 292 2535


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Judy Klipin

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