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WATCH: Tiger Woods and his son share a likeness like no other

Like father like son.


Tiger and Charlie Woods are alike in more ways than one. Image: iStock

Charlie Woods, Tiger Woods’ 11-year-old son, has a mean golf swing like his father. Charlie not only plays good golf, but he looks like his father while doing it.

PGA Tours put together a video of Charlie playing golf with and without his father. And there is no denying whose son he is.

It has Tweeps arguing whether he has his mannerisms because of genes, or whether Charlie has spent a lot of time with his dad and has copied a lot of his movements. PGA Tours titled the video “copy cat”.

Richard Hinds, a sports journalist, recently wrote an opinion piece for ABC arguing that Charlie needs to grow up without the expectation of being as good as his father. His “uncanny likeness” to his father is undeniable, but the psychological effects of that, Richard argues, could be detrimental.

The video is mind-blowing, with Charlie and his dad walking and swinging the exact same way.

The gestures they make, their mannerisms, the way they take their gloves off, and even small murmurs during play. The PGA tour video is currently sitting on almost 10 million views on Twitter.

Many people are more impressed about Charlie’s ability to swing like a pro golfer at age 11. The two play family golf together, recently playing in the PNC Championship.

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