Local children’s author releases second book

This book teaches children about the beauty and magic that unfolds when we learn to embrace our uniqueness and live our lives authentically and with passion.

After the success of her first book Kenny the Kudu and his Christmas Adventure, local children’s author, Victoria Mallett, who lives in Makhanda in the Eastern Cape, has just released her eagerly awaited second book, Ozzie the Ostrich and his Flaming Fla-Migos. 

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About Ozzie the Ostrich and his Flaming Fla-Migos:

Ozzie is an awkward, but very loveable ostrich with a gammy leg who struggles to fit in with his incredibly powerful and athletic peers. While wandering across the plains, a chance meeting with a flock of eccentric and flamboyant flamingos brightens up his day and ultimately brings love, colour and joy into his life when they invite him to join their tribe. It is a story about the magic that unfolds when you learn to love and embrace your uniqueness, flaws and all!

Who should read this book?

Ozzie the Ostrich and his Flaming Fla-Migos is suitable for kids from a year old to Grade 4, but the message appeals to all ages.

The life lesson kids can learn from Ozzie the Ostrich and his Flaming Fla-Migos:

The life lesson here is about the beauty and magic that unfolds when we learn to embrace our uniqueness and live our lives authentically and with passion.

How did the idea for the book originate?

“I have a habit of attaching personas to animals,” confides Victoria. “I couldn’t help myself when seeing an ostrich do its mating dance. It was wild, its plumes were swishing around, it was a bit rough around the edges and so African. I could just imagine him dancing with reckless abandon to the likes of Johnny Clegg. Out of interest, I googled the flamingo’s mating dance and loved the comparison between the two birds. The serene, beautiful, pink creatures who have their own dance, are far more controlled and polished in their movements. I just imagined them being friends and wondered how an ostrich would feel being friends with a very beautiful and refined flamingo.”

Self-love is a theme Victoria is passionate about teaching children. “Owing to their stark but beautiful differences I thought Ozzie and Frankie would make for the most wonderful characters to illustrate the joy that comes from celebrating one’s uniqueness,” says Victoria.

More about the author

Victoria and her business partner and illustrator, Riëtte Basson, are passionate advocates of instilling confidence and essential life skills in children. They do this through captivating illustrations and clever rhyme that is fun and easy to read.

Mallett family

“As mothers [I have two children and Riette has one] our focus is to raise happy, well-rounded kids who believe in themselves and have the confidence to pursue their dreams. Now we have a platform on which to do this. With our combined skills, we hope to make this happen, one book at a time!”

For more information about the books, author and stockists visit: www.vbinkstudio.com.

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