Enjoy a fun family day with Uber Eats at the cricket this Friday!

Great news moms and dads! No more queuing for food at the cricket while your ‘hangry’ kids cling to your legs in a crying fit! Uber Eats has come to the rescue!

Uber Eats have partnered with the Imperial Wanderers Stadium in Johannesburg so you can spend more time watching the excitement of sixes being hit and other game-changing moments and less time queuing for food and drinks. This first of its kind partnership will see Uber Eats become the exclusive food ordering app and pick-up partner for the Imperial Wanderers Stadium. With Uber Eats you can easily order food from restaurants around the stadium. Once your meal is ready, you will be notified to pick up your order. You can also order soft drinks. However, unfortunately alcoholic beverages aren’t available to order on the app yet.

The restaurants available to order from include:

  • Spur
  • Mexout
  • Pizza
  • Coffee
  • Franks
  • Poras Pregos
  • Lets meat Up
  • Sausage Saloon
  • Olivers Fish and Chips
  • Indian Street side food

How you benefit from this new partnership

It’s a live match with an uber-rized update! Swap out the hotdogs for old school fish and chips or down a beer as the last few overs up the ante. There is also no need to check Twitter for score updates while struggling for parking, or standing in queues when the winning six has just been hit. Uber and Uber Eats, together with Imperial Wanderers Stadium remain committed to ensuring that a world-class experience is made available locally.

In addition to this, the stadium will have designated rider pick-up and drop-off zones to enhance safety for all those utilising the Uber rides service. On match days, Imperial Wanderers stadium will manage traffic for smooth entry at the stadium as well as provide ushers to direct fans to their assigned seats.

So when is match day?

Don’t miss the 4th Test Match Day 1 between South African and England this Friday 24 January at Imperial Wanderers Stadium in Johannesburg You can then see for yourself how well the Uber Eats App works and just how much more convenient it is to get your food! It makes such a big difference to your day! You’ll see!

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