DJ Fix chats to us about pregnancy cravings and her birth plan

Fikile Moeti, AKA DJ Fix at 5fm, talks pregnancy cravings, baby gifts and birthing options with us.


DJ Fix and her husband, Orrock Robertsen, who she married in November 2016, are expecting their first baby and the couple couldn’t be more excited.

We caught up with Fix at the maternity fashion shoot for our April 2017 issue, currently on sale, to talk about life as a mom-to-be and find out whether she has a specific birth plan for her first baby.

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Do you have any weird pregnancy cravings?

Fortunately, so far I have only craved healthy foods – it’s just what the baby wants. Olives and plain Greek yoghurt is at the top of the list. The yoghurt goes down really well at night, especially when I have heartburn. I’m also craving broccoli and asparagus – so I have a healthy child at the moment! My only indulgence is Cheese Curls. I pick a bag up every time I pass the garage.

What was the first thing you did when you found out about your pregnancy?

I found out with my hubby. I was feeling a little ill. We said we wanted to start trying for a baby, but I didn’t think it was going to happen so soon. I decided to go and buy a pregnancy test. I let Orrock look at the test before I did. The only reaction I got from him was, “Oh, wow”. So I asked. “Oh, wow, what?” He said, “Babe, you’re pregnant.” We decided to go and make sure. We didn’t want to jump for joy over nothing. The pregnancy was confirmed and I had the happiest husband in the world. I’m so excited.

Have you bought anything for the baby yet?

This sounds weird, but I bought a washing basket.

What type of birth do you want?

I’m still undecided. I don’t know if I will be able to do a natural birth in the hospital. I’m not a big hospital person. It freaks me out a little. A water birth, on the other hand, sounds like a good option.

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Are you following a specific exercise programme for your pregnancy?

I’m an active person. I’ve tried to keep as fit as possible while being pregnant. My exercise routine has slowed down since my first trimester. I’ve been told to just focus on what’s best for my body and my baby. I love swimming, so I’ve continued doing that. I’ve found that it’s great for back and hip pain. I also love yoga – it’s something that I can do at home any time I feel like doing it.

What are the best and worst things about being pregnant

The best thing is the closeness between my husband and me that it’s brought. It’s almost like we fell in love all over again, and that’s been beautiful for us.

The worst thing was the major mommy freak-out I had during my first trimester. I had jitters about every cramp I felt or infection I got. I had a tooth infection and I was worried that it was affecting the baby. The worry about whether your baby is fine, because you know the first 12 weeks are important.

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