Behind the scenes with our October cover mom Tashna Perry

Posted on September 26th, 2017

Melissa “Tashna” Perry (32), a model and mom of two – Chidi (6) and Tobechi (7 months) – believes in embracing all the seasons of her life.

Behind the scenes with Tashna Perry

The saying, “Home is not always four walls. It’s two eyes and a heartbeat,” couldn’t be truer for this doting mom, but in her case its two heartbeats. Having children was always part of Tashna’s plan – she just wasn’t sure about the timing. Her modelling career was taking off when she found out she was pregnant, but she took it in her stride and has since discovered that her heart is big enough to carry both her passion for modelling and motherhood.

Take a sneak peek at her recent cover shoot below:

Tashna’s top tips for travelling with a little one

  • Try to remain calm, because your child can sense your energy.
  • Make sure your travel documents are within reach so you don’t scramble to find them.
  • Have medicine available in case they become ill – especially Panado or Calpol.
  • No sweets for the little ones – they’ll just have a sugar rush and become restless.
  • Pack your child’s favourite snacks and toys.
  • For take-off or landing, feed your baby with a bottle or give him a dummy to avoid the pressure building up in his ears. You can offer your toddler a drink from a straw for the same effect.
  • Walk around the plane with him.
  • Keep him stimulated before boarding so he can sleep on the plane while you relax.
  • Always ask the flight attendant if there are extra seats so you can put your little one down for a nap.