Behind the scenes with former Miss Earth Tamerin Jardine

Take a sneak peek behind the scenes at our August cover shoot with this gorgeous mom and baby.

Behind the scenes with Tamerin Jardine

Former Miss Earth Tamerin Jardine had no plans to have children and the news of her pregnancy came as quite a shock. “I felt nauseous from the time I conceived,” she recalls, but because she was on contraception, pregnancy wasn’t on her list of possible causes. Since it was still too early to detect the pregnancy, numerous trips to the doctor were unenlightening.

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Take a sneak peek behind the scenes at Tamerin’s recent cover shoot for our August issue:

Tamerin’s 5 top green tips for moms:

  • Try to use towelling or reusable nappies. We’ve started early potty training to lessen our reliance on nappies.
  • Any products that have been tested on animals are a huge no-no.
  • Choose organic baby food, or make your own, to lessen packaging waste.
  •  Reuse baby-food packing as containers for homemade jams, or even as a place to store trinkets.
  • Donate empty formula tins to a crèche, or use them for homemade educational toys to teach posting and drumming.


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