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Simply WonderFULL McCoy Pies – your new convenient meal solution

If you’ve been looking for a delightFULL, filling pie to hit the spot, look no further than SPAR McCoy Pies

SPAR McCoy Pies are the real thing – a luxury filling bursting with flavour enveloped in rich pastry. They’re the new go-to on-the-go meal.

McCoy pies means bigger pie, better value

McCoy Pies have a raw weight of 250g – 55g more than the average available single-serving pie currently on the market, making them perfect for a lunch or quick dinner.

Not only are the pies  bigger than others, they also contain more meat in the delicious slow-cooked fillings, making them a wonderFULL and filling meal.

McCoy Pies means premium cuts of meat

With McCoy pies, you know you’re getting premium cuts of meat that have been cooked to perfection. The veggies that have been added to the pies enrich the flavour of the meat and gravy. If only all pies tasted like this!

Get yours today!

SPAR McCoy gourmet pies are available in eight flavours: chicken and mushroom, pepper steak, steak and kidney, mutton curry, spinach and feta, chicken curry, prime steak and a Cornish pie, with a sausage roll available.

McCoy pies are exclusive to SPAR.

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