Keep calm and breathe! Celebrity DJ and single mom ‘Fix’ Moeti offers to show you how

Many of us are going through the darkest time in our lives, but a regular deep breathing practice can help you take back control.


Photo: Instagram

With the world as you know it turned upside down by COVID-19, your anxiety levels off the chart as you struggle to keep your family safe and protected, and make ends meet, you may very well be thinking you might EXPLODE!

So how do you try manage all the rampant thoughts and emotions threatening to overwhelm you right now so that you can cope with all the curve balls being thrown at you each day?

Well, according to well-known South African radio DJ, club DJ and TV personality, ‘Fix’ Moeti, you need to practice how to breathe – deeply!

A qualified online yin yoga teacher and a teacher of transcendental meditation, she’s teamed up with to offer stressed-out parents a quick and easy health solution.

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In a post on Instagram she shares that she will be demonstrating beneficial breathing techniques to help restore sanity in the home in a 4-week series called ‘I can’t breathe’.

“It’s just 10 minutes of your day to be kind to yourself,” she says.

“Breathing intentionally has helped me through many dark times in my life and hope I can help you,” the single mom of a toddler adds. ”I’m dedicating this series to anyone who has ever been discriminated against for who they are.”

The series, which will be live on her Instagram handle @fixmoeti every Monday and Friday at 11am, starts this Friday, 17 July.

I for one won’t be missing it!


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