Cranberry Cooler Delight

Spoil the kids with this yummy treat for dessert.


*Serves 8


  • 500ml Liqui-Fruit Cranberry Cooler
  • 1 packet blackcurrant jelly
  • 50ml castor sugar
  • 250ml imitation dessert topping
  • Fresh berries for decoration (optional)


  1. Heat the Cranberry Cooler juice in a pot on the night
  2. Add the jelly powder and castor sugar and dissolve in the warm juice.
  3. Leave the warm liquid to cool down.
  4. Whip the imitation dessert topping and blend with cool juice and jelly liquid.
  5. Scoop into dessert bowls and refrigerate overnight.
  6. Decorate with fresh berries of your choice.

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