5 budget dinner solutions to help stretch your rands

Don’t throw away that two-day-old loaf of bread. Get creative with these budget dinner solutions to help make your money go a little further.


During a time when budgets are tight and food makes up a large portion of every household’s expenses, it’s important to get your creative juices flowing and reduce food waste. With a loaf of bread that is a day or two old, you don’t have to limit yourself to toast.

Make your bread go further with these budget dinner solutions from Sasko:

  • Macaroni cheese au gratin:

    Place your leftover bread into a food processor and blitz into breadcrumbs. Add grated Parmesan and parsley and blend until well combined. Sprinkle over macaroni cheese and bake in the oven for 30 minutes or until golden brown and bubbling on top.


  • French onion soup:Take a traditional soup

    – a chunky vegetable soup will work too – and make it a topic of conversation. Trim your slices of bread to fit the size and shape of the soup bowl. Toast and add cheese on top. Pour the French onion soup into bowls and pop the slices of toasts on top, before placing them under the grill until the cheese has melted

  • Tomato soup:

    If you like tomato soup during the colder months, consider adding a few cubes of bread to your soup before serving. Doing this will make your soup thick and luscious. If your family members have big appetites, remember that nothing goes better with tomato soup than a toasted cheese sandwich.

Tomato soup

  • Sasko Low GI All-in-One White Bread bobotie:

    After frying your mince, make your bobotie go further by adding a few slices of white bread that have been soaked in milk to the mixture.


  • Vegetarian cheese patties:

    We’ve all seen the rising price of meat, and many of us are looking at vegetarian options for our families. Simply blitz Sasko Plus+ Smooth Ancient Grain Brown Bread and herbs together in a food processor, add some feta, seasoning and an egg to bind it, and make cheesy vegetarian patties. Fry them in shallow oil, and serve them on a Sasko bun of your choice, or with salad if you are watching your family’s carbohydrate intake.

Bread patty

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