Meet our 2015 Comfort Cover Stars winners

Meet Michelle and little Lexi, this year’s Comfort Cover Stars winners.

The gorgeous mom with her long, dark hair and the adorable little baby girl with her big, beautiful eyes stole our hearts from the moment they walked into the studio for their photo shoot.

Libby Peacock chats to Michelle to find out a little more about our winner’s day-to-day life and her gorgeous little girl:

What was your first reaction after finding out you were a finalist?

I was very shocked, as I didn’t immediately realise what it was all about. But afterwards I got really excited.

Do you have a bedtime routine for Lexi?

From day one, I have had a night time routine. I would bath Lexi, then give her a massage, then feed her, and then my husband would read her a book, before she went to sleep. Nowadays, she gets her milk after her bath and then my husband reads her a book. We play lullabies at night, then she knows it’s time to sleep.

What is Lexi’s favourite toy?

She used to have a little giraffe that she loved. Now it’s anything that rattles or makes a noise.

What is Lexi’s favourite treat?

Biscuits, and she likes going on the golf cart after work.

How do you relax?

The only free time I have is when I get into bed to go to sleep! I’m on the go all day, with work, Lexi, feeding – and I’m still expressing too.

Watch the video of the interview below:

Check out these behind the scenes snaps from the photo shoot:

Little Lexi just chilling.

How gorgeuos is Lexi’s outfit?

Isn’t she just adorable?

Stylist Mandy Varrie with our little star.

Lights, camera, action!

Say cheese!

I’ll brush mommy’s hair!

Yummy, snack time!


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