DIY gift ideas for dad

Make this year extra special for dad with these personalised gifts you can give him all year round.


Whether it’s daddy’s birthday coming up or you just want to show him how much you love him, dad’s are special to us and should be appreciated too! After all, who needs a “special day” to celebrate the man in your life?

If you want to blow your dad away with a gift that’s different, creative and personalised just for him then look no further. We have awesome DIY gift ideas that he’ll be sure to love.

Make him a CD with his favourite playlist

You know your dad better than anyone, so make him a CD with some of his favourite golden oldies. CDs might be a thing of the past for many of the youth, but our parents and grandparents still see the value in them. Now every time your dad takes a drive, he’ll have an awesome playlist to listen to and think of you for creating it.

Bake him a cake

If there’s something money can’t buy, it’s a cake made with love. Nope, not even bakeries stand a chance! Baking a cake for your dad will mean much more than buying one. Make his favourite cake and write a message you know will warm his heart.

A mug with a picture of the both of you

Buy a mug with an inspiring message on it and customise it with your favourite selfie together. A quick and convenient way to get this done is by buying your mug at an online store that does this for you. And if the first thing dad needs in the morning is his warm cup of coffee or tea, you know he will put this gift to good use. Now every time he fills his cup, he’ll think of you. Aww!

Wall art

Add some colour and art to dad’s study or office with mounted wall art specially designed by you. Add photos from a family vacation and funny quotes. This is a simple gift, but we reckon he’ll be impressed.

A cushion made just for him

Here’s your chance to unleash your creativity! Get the emblem of your dad’s favourite soccer team or the album art of his favourite musician printed onto a scatter cushion. You could also have a quote you know he’ll love printed on it. We’re sure he’ll put it to good use in his man-cave!

A real treat dad may appreciate is you offering to pay his car insurance for the month. Ask him how much his premium is and offer him the money to pay for it. And, if you think he is paying way too much, you can always nudge him to apply for an insurance quote and see how much money he can save to live his way.

Make this year extra special for dad with these personalised gifts you can give him all year round.

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