Biggest parenting trends 2017

From baby names to décor, here’s what trendy moms and dads will be doing in 2017.

Baby name trends in 2016

Pinterest released its 2017 trend report, showing us what they think will be big in 2017 based on data from the past year. Here are the top emerging parenting trends that are going to be making a bang.

1.Safe and classic baby names

Forget Instagram-inspired baby names (Valenica or Lux Rose) and celeb baby names (Bear or Cricket). 2017 is the year where baby names become safe, normal and classic again.

If you’re looking for inspiration, here are 22 classic baby names.

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2.Saying goodbye to sugar

Instead of store bought sugary treats, parents are opting for homemade, organic treats. And fruit popsicles are the go to snack. Try these easy-to-make kiwi and pineapple fruit popsicles (not only are they delicious, but they look impressive too). 

Or try these Rainbow Popsicles from Pinterest:


3.Feeding your child’s imagination

Put the iPad away for a few hours and get your children to use their imaginations by telling stories with finger puppets. They are inexpensive and will provide entertainment for the entire family.

Start by making these under the sea finger puppets. If your child is shy, try story prompts or sing their favourite song using the puppets.


4.Helping your child develop through play & the rise of open ended toys

This year we will see a return to old school is cool in the form of good old fashioned play. Parents can use playful activities such as finger painting to encourage development.

Open ended toys, such as Lego and fancy dress will grow with your child while at the same time helping with important developmental milestones.


5.Woodland themed room décor

Woodland themed nurseries are right on trend. Think tree wall decals, woodland creatures, teepees and wood accents.

Start by making your own tepee  or try something a little simpler, like this cute woodland hedgehog.


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