9 beach and camping hacks to make your holiday with a toddler easier

There’s an easy way to do holidays, even when you have toddlers in tow. By Lisa Witepski


Going away to the beach, or on a family camping trip and worried about sunburn, mosquito bites, tantrums and dehydration? Don’t be – we have you covered.

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  1. Don’t waste money on ice blocks. Rather make your drinking water do double duty by freezing bottles the night before and packing them in your cooler box. You’ll keep drinks and snacks cool, plus you’ll have icy refreshments at hand.
  2. Don’t let you campsite get messy. Roll kids’ outfits for each day – underwear and socks inside pants and shirts – into a bundle secured with a rubber band so there’s no rummaging through clothes before getting dressed.
  3. Make your tent more comfy by using a children’s foam puzzle as flooring.
  4. Bring along a shoe organiser – perfect for creating a mini-kitchen as each compartment acts like a drawer to store things like utensils and condiments.
  5. Baby powder is a beach lifesaver. A small dusting on hands and feet makes it easy to brush off sand.
  6. Not sure where to leave your valuables? Try rolling them up inside a nappy – not even the most strong-stomached thief would look there.
  7. An easy way to clear your kids’ ears of water: get them to blow into a balloon. Afterwards, fill the balloons up with water, freeze them and use them instead of ice blocks – with the added plus of having ammunition for a water fight once the water’s defrosted.
  8. Avoid hot and tired meltdowns by leaving beaching until the late afternoon, when the crowds have thinned and the sun has lost some of its heat.
  9. Less a hack than a reminder, your first aid kit is a non-negotiable. At the very least, pack a Tupperware with plasters, insect repellent, disinfectant, burn shield and antihistamine.

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