7 subscription services to make pregnancy and parenting easier

If you haven’t signed up for any subscription boxes yet, you should! We round up seven subscription services that will make pregnancy and parenting so much easier. By Nikita Camacho


The best kept secret for parents is subscription boxes! A simple sign-up, once-off payment or a debit order and a package arrives at your door filled with goodies. South Africa is slowly climbing on board with the concept as the trend continues to grow – especially for parents and children.

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Dinner Boxes

Dinner boxes

Out of dinner ideas? No time to shop? Daily Dish plans your menus for you (you can choose from five options), plus they deliver your groceries to your door for free. They even work out new recipes for you every week. All you have to do is cook the food in 30 minutes or less. What’s there not to love about this?

Visit Daily Dish to sign up.

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The Book Owl

The Book Owl

Help your kids discover the joy of reading with The Book Owl, a book subscription box for kids. Your themed box will cost less than you would pay for the individual books in store and the box contains two illustrated children’s books, an activity related to one of the books and a personalized letter from The Book Owl to get your little one excited about reading.

Visit The Book Owl to learn more or order.

My Smart Kid

My Smart Kid

As parents, we all want the best start for our children. My Smart Kid is one of South Africa’s leading education-based subscription services. It specifically focuses on tools for Early Childhood Development (ECD) in accordance with the South African Department of Education’s National Curriculum Framework. What a great way to invest in the foundation of their education. The different themes are curated by experts and My Smart Kid focuses on six key areas, namely: Wellbeing, Identity, Creativity, Concepts, Communication and My World.

This is a bimonthly package that costs only R299. It’s filled with educational programmes and toys for your child and a guide for parents to ensure the success of their child’s development.

Sign up for My Smart Kid here and receive your first package with two free welcome gifts including a children’s backpack.

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Babalove Box

Babalove boxes

The Babalove brand was curated by first-time parents who understand the desire to find and use only the best products for their little ones. Babalove Box takes the guesswork out of which products to buy by selecting the best in clothing, bath products, toys and books.

The Babalove Box works out to only R250 a box, which is an absolute steal when it comes to baby and childrens’ products, which can quickly add up to substantial amounts when priced individually.

Contact Babalove Box on their website here. Their subscription boxes start from 0-6 months old to 2-3 years old.

Poppet Post

Poppet post

The beauty of the Poppet Post service is that it is a self-proclaimed stimulation toolkit – a big plus for parents as we’re often stumped for ideas on how to stimulate our children according to their developmental needs. I love how Poppet Post tailor-makes your package to suit your child’s age according to their monthly themes like, “When I grow up…” and “Playful Pets”.

For R349, the subscription package includes educational books, puzzles, toys, crafts and more.

Sign up for Poppet Post here.

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Wacky Box

Wacky Box

We all want our children to be happily engaged in play for longer periods, but it’s important to ensure that these activities are benefitting them. This is why Wacky Box was created as a service that sets out weekly activity programmes that focuses on developing five key skills, including arts and crafts; fine-motor skills; gross -motor skills, as well as music and speech.

What I love about the Wacky Box service is the creators have thought ahead and have an “add a friend” option. This means fewer fights between siblings or family as they double the items for only R100 extra.

Sign up here for Wacky Box.

The Secret Book Box

The Secret Book Box

Have you ever wanted to join a book club, but never got around to it? I’m guilty of that…

The Secret Book Box is similar to a book club, but with a touch of mystery. Every month, your subscription includes a new author title along with products and merchandise relating to the theme. The best part of this service is that it’s for the whole family and you don’t need to leave home to be part of a book club.

There are packages for mothers, children and teenagers – a win-win to help instill the love of reading in the whole family.

Join the Secret Book Box here.

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