6 parenting hacks to make life with twins easier

You’ve been blessed with not one but two babies at the same time. Here are six parenting hacks to make life with twins a little easier. You can thank us later.

6 parenting tips for twins

The stork has delivered a set of twins and now you think you’re in for double trouble. Here are six parenting tips for twins to help you out.

Struggling to tell your twins apart? Use their belly buttons or place different coloured wristbands on them.

Telling your twins apart

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Belly button scars result from cutting the umbilical cord and are not related to genetics. Therefore, each baby will have a different shaped navel.

If your twins are all wrapped up, place different coloured, baby-safe ID bracelets on each twin. And no, this isn’t cheating.

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Going to the shops with one baby is difficult enough, don’t try it with two. Go online shopping instead.

Shopping with twins

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While you do want to get out and about, grocery shopping with a pair of infant twins is not the time to try this. Rather do your grocery shopping online and have the goods delivered to your door, or get the grocery store to pack everything for you to collect.

And why stop there, as retailers like Dis-Chem and Clicks provide online shopping, so getting supplies for your babies is easy, too.

If you don’t have a twin pram, just tie two regular prams together to make strolling easier.

Twin pram

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Place both prams next to each other, connect with a few cable ties and you are ready to go.

You can also scour websites like Gumtree and OLX  for second-hand twin prams for sale at bargain prices. Get them steam-cleaned at Baby Go Round in Cape Town or Baby Go Around in Johannesburg.

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People will ask the same question repeatedly: “Are they twins?” Come prepared with your answer.

Are they twins

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Other answers to the common questions you are asked:

  • Yes, I can tell them apart (see tip 1).
  • Yes, twins do run in my family. They run all over the place!
  • I’m glad they’re mine and not yours, too.
  • Are my twins natural? No, that one has a plastic leg and this one has a fibreglass arm.

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Feeding your twins at the same time

 If you can master the art of breastfeeding your twins at the same time, then you can truly call yourself a supermom.

Here are four positions to make breastfeeding easier:

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You don’t have to buy two of everything.

You don't have to buy everything

Most parents of twins assume that you need two of everything, but this isn’t the case. Here’s a list of items that you only need one of:

  • One set of clothes (unless they are unable to wear the same clothes) and toys. As babies, they are too young to want what their sibling has, so sharing clothes and toys is no big deal.
  • One changing table, but double the amount of nappies. You will only be able to change one twin at a time.


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