5 Top Halloween party tips

Follow these 5 top Halloween party tips from the Crazy Store for an evening of laughter, frights and fun…

1. Dress up

You don’t have to break the bank when dressing yourself or your little ones up for Halloween. Buy a black witches hat and wear it with a black t-shirt and trousers or skirt you already have. A colourful wig is sometimes all you need to add some fun to any outfit.
Party shops have loads of outfits for little ones if you want to splurge for the fun occasion.

2. Stock up on treats

Make sure you have a variety of treats on hand. Buy a few bags of individually wrapped candy and sweets, mix them in a bowl or pumpkin themed bag and let the kids each grab a handful when they come trick or treating.

Click here for a fun monster and pumpkin muffin recipe.

3. Candy doesn’t have to be the only treat on the menu

While it is customary to hand out candy when kids come trick or treating, you can pass out creative treats and toys instead. Hand out glow sticks and glow bracelets or something similar that can be just as much fun as candy.

4. Let the games begin

If your neighbourhood isn’t suited for a trick or treat adventure, have a candy treasure hunt in your back yard instead. Adapt some party games to suit the theme, like pin the arm back on the skeleton or have a race to see who can wrap the mummy the fastest. All you need is a roll of toilet paper and a volunteer.

5. Watch a scary movie

Nothing makes Halloween more fun than watching scary movies. If you’re watching with the kids – make sure the movie you choose is age appropriate and not too scary. You don’t want them to get nightmares. Monster Inc and Pooh’s Heffalump Halloween Movie are good choices for younger children.

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