5 things you should know when travelling with Uber this festive season

Many families use the Uber app on a daily basis. However, there’s a few things you must consider when travelling with children.


The festive season is around the corner, which means parties galore. One of the most convenient ways to travel to and from parties and family gatherings where you know you’ll knock back a glass of wine or two, is using Uber. It’s a much safer alternative than drinking and driving – even more so when your kids are with you.

However, there are some important things you should know about using the Uber app when traveling with kids.

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Ground rules

When it comes to requesting rides in South Africa, Uber’s community guidelines has a no under 18s policy, meaning children are not allowed to have Uber accounts. If you’re using your Uber account or the Uber family profile for your children to request a ride, they must be accompanied by an adult to be allowed to ride.

Car seats

If you are planning on riding with small children, you should bring an age appropriate child seat for them to ensure they travel safely. In South Africa, children under the age of three must be secured in a child seat in cars according to the law. Children between the ages of three and 14 years must ride in the backseat and be secured with an adult seat belt. However, best practice recommends booster seats for children under 1.5 meters.

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The more the merrier

In Johannesburg and Cape Town, UberVAN and UberXL are available with room for extra passengers and luggage. That means more space for you and your partner, your children and any other family members you’ll be taking on your family outing. These are the options to select if you need a bit more space for extra luggage and kiddies when travelling on that long-awaited December holiday.

Safety on the Uber app

The Uber app has a variety of safety features to give you and your family peace of mind when using Uber, with children or otherwise. All safety features can be accessed in the safety toolkit. These features include trusted contacts, allowing you to share the status of your trip with loved ones, an in-app emergency button, which, when pressed can connect directly to private emergency services and security response. Speed alerts and a drowsy driving feature reminds drivers to keep to the speed limit and help drivers be responsible with the Uber app, helping move riders safely from one trip to the next. Uber also has an incident response team located in cities around the world who are trained to deal with any critical safety issues that arise. They also have a law enforcement team that are available to work with the police to assist with any investigations.

Support channels and feedback

Uber provides various support channels in the app which allows riders to either use the in-app help feature or the 24/7 phone support which can be accessed by simply tapping ‘Help’ in the main menu of the app. By selecting the ‘Call’ option, calls can be connected to Uber’s 24/7 support team. Feedback is important in improving customer experience. Not only does it create transparency, but it also ensures there is accountability. Uber’s feedback and rating feature allows drivers and riders to confidentially rate and provide feedback to one another after every trip.

The Uber family profile

Make travel easier for your family with the Uber Family profile. The family profile allows you to connect up to five people to your Uber account, meaning they can request rides using your payment methods, with records being kept on your account. It’s a great way to manage transport for the whole family and take care of the ‘who’s driving who’ conversations. Just remember that anyone under the age of 18 needs to be accompanied by an adult.

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