5 reasons why DJ Khaled is one of our favourite celebrity dads

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Being a dad brings out the best in most men and DJ Khaled is certainly one of them. By Lebogang Madileng

DJ Khaled is a multi-award winning hip-hop DJ, and last year in October, he added something else to his list of achievements – he became a dad of Asahd Khaled (six months old). We are more than happy for the 41-year-old artist.

He documented all the special moments of the birth of his son and posted them on Snapchat.

Watch the video below:

DJ Khaled brought Asahd to the Grammy Awards when he was just four months old.

They even wore matching suits. How cute!

DK Khaled at the Grammys

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He made his son the executive producer of his upcoming album Grateful.

That’s right, Asahd is not even a year old but he is already building a career in the music industry just like his dad. In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, DJ Khaled explained how his son expresses himself about a song that he likes or dislikes. Khaled says that when he notices Asahd swaying, bobbing and smiling along, the song is “a smash-hit record”, and when his son grimaces, the track is a “serious record with substance” that’s sure to be a hit.

He regularly posts pictures of Asahd with captions that express his love for him.


My son is my life ! I love you so much !!! @asahdkhaled

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My son! THE PROPHET !?? @asahdkhaled I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!

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He gives his son motivational talks.

Looks like you’re never too young to receive a pep talk, well, at least that’s what DJ Khaled believes. “You’re going to be the biggest mogul ever, you’re going to be anything you want to be. You’re a legend” – these are some of the things that DJ Khaled told his son on a video on Asahd’s Instagram account. Check it out here.

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