10 #MomGuilt moments we can all relate to

Posted on August 17th, 2016

Moms these days are under a lot of pressure. We can’t be everything to everyone. Here are some #MomGuilt moments we can all relate to. By Sam Joseph

#MomGuilt moments

Moms these days are under a lot of pressure to be perfect and are constantly plagued by #MomGuilt – whether it’s self-imposed or from unrealistic societal expectations. But sometimes we drop a few balls – and that’s OK!

Here are some #MomGuilt moments we can relate to, because, hey, we are only human.

It really is OK…

  1. To contemplate whether to change that dirty nappy at 2am
  2. That you have a glass of wine, while feeding your child dinner (turning “suicide hour” into “happy hour”!)
  3. That “blah blah blah… la la la” was the most interesting conversation you had all day – and you’re a working mom
  4. To swipe your gym card just so that you can send your kids to Club V while you have a smoothie (a delicious chocolate one)
  5. To giggle when your baby is no longer a size 0 (it never lasts)
  6. To pretend you lost signal when your mother-in-law calls (“Oh dear, you’re breaking up”)
  7. To hate those fitness moms in their “active wear” (worn at all hours of the day!)
  8. That the thought of date night exhausts you
  9. To sometimes wish you could have your baby ALL TO YOURSELF
  10. That a perfect day would be about PJs, slippers, chocolate, wine, a wee on your own and literally nothing else.

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