How to raise a tolerant child

Give your child the building blocks of emotional intelligence by encouraging them to be tolerant. By Lisa Witepski


We have no way of knowing what the world will look like when our children are adults, but we do know that they’ll need to be collaborative and respectful if they want to get ahead. And for that, tolerance is key.

Here’s how to help your children develop patience and compassion.

Be an example

One of the most exhausting things about parenthood is that you have to be a paragon at all times. Sure, you want them to learn that it’s normal to experience a spectrum of emotions, from joy to rage, but as their role model, you also want to give them an example of how to treat people with respect – so no snapping at the IT guy.

Take a hard look at your own beliefs

Do you hold any prejudices – even unconscious ones? Chances are the answer is yes, but once you become aware of these, you can take steps to eradicating them. That’s important, because it’s not helpful to pass on your inherent biases.

Build your childs self-esteem

Often, when people behave negatively towards others, it’s because they feel negative about themselves. Help your child develop self-esteem by giving him age-appropriate chores (this shows them that they are capable and competent); putting the brakes on insincere praise; and offering him choices.

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Expose him to as much of the world as possible

We tend to become judgmental when we’re crammed into our own little corners and are not exposed to how other people do things, because their way may be an improvement on our own? As a South African, your child is fortunate to encounter someone from a different culture every time he leaves the house, but don’t stop there. Help him to choose different types of books and movies so he sees the world from a variety of viewpoints.

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