How to teach your child to ride a bike

Learning how to ride a bike is a rite of passage for every child. We show you how to teach your child to ride a bike in six easy steps.


Teaching your child how to ride a bike can be tough, but it is achievable.

Remember, riding a bike should be fun. Don’t rush your child if he is not ready or seems scared. Take a step back and try again tomorrow. Riding a bike can also be a dangerous hobby if a child is not taught correctly. So, before you send your child down the driveway, read on for advice on how to teach your child to ride a bike.

6 tips to teach your child to ride a bike

1. Make sure your child’s bike fit him properly

Don’t buy a bike for your little one to grow into. A bike that is too big or heavy will make teaching him much more difficult.

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2. Take the training wheels off

Don’t loosen the training wheels as this causes the bike to tip back and forth as your child rides. Your little one will be nervous every time the bike wobbles, and he’ll get used to leaning to one side while riding instead of straight and balanced in the middle. Rather take the wheels off.

3. Practise balancing on the grass

Teach your child to balance on a grassy hill rather than down the driveway. Lower the seat so that both your child’s feet can reach the ground. Let him ride down a grassy hill with his feet raised. This way, he can stop with his feet if he needs to, but the bike will slow itself down by the end of the hill so they won’t need to use the brake. Repeat this process until your child has mastered this skill, then let him pedal down the hill.

4. Make sure the bike seat is at the right height

When your child can balance, make sure that his seat is at the right height. Raise the seat high enough so that there’s a slight bend in his knee when the pedal is closest to the ground.

5. Teach your child how to “start” the bike

Teach your child to “start” his bike with one foot on the ground and the other on the pedal in a higher position.

6. Give your child a lesson on braking

Show your child how to brake at a lower speed. This will help him get the feel of the brakes before he starts racing around on his bike with his friends.

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