5 tips to soothe your child’s sore throat

Is your child complaining of a sore throat? Here’s how you can help.


The moment the seasons change, our children can battle with allergies and viral infections, which may lead to a postnasal drip that causes a sore throat.

“A scratchy, burning, uncomfortable sensation in the throat shouldn’t be ignored as it can often lead to a cold, and even flu,” says Carla Yssel, brand manager of Linctagon.

Viruses are the cause of most sore throats, which cannot be cured with medication, but can only be soothed by pain management. However, there are some cases where a sore throat is bacterial. If your child’s sore throat doesn’t resolve itself in a few days, it’s recommended that you see your doctor.

Try these 5 tips from Carla to soothe your child’s sore throat:

1. Use an oral rinse.

Gargling with salt water several times a day can help to reduce swelling and provide some comfort. Your child must gargle the salt water and spit it out, not swallow it. Make sure that your child knows how to gargle before attempting this method.

2. Sip warm drinks.

Tea, a mixture of lemon, honey and water, or any warm (not hot) drink is a comforting way to soothe irritation, and will also keep your child well hydrated while she is sick.

3. Suck it up.

Some throat lozenges, such as Linctagon Throat Lollies, can assist in relieving throat irritation. Linctagon Throat Lollies contain active ingredients that can help with immune, infection, irritation and antioxidant support. And they contain no artificial sweeteners.

4. Warm them up from the outside.

Apply a heated compress to your child’s neck. This can help with the pain on the outside of your child’s neck, and the warmth will bring some relief.

5. Prevention.

Get your child into the habit of washing her hands regularly. This can prevent most common illnesses, including sore throats. Teach your child not to share cold drinks, eating utensils, etc. with other children who may be sick.

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