9 ways to help your body heal naturally after childbirth

Posted on Jul 27th, 2018

Healing after childbirth is a delicate and personal process. Here are 9 ways you can help your body recover naturally.

9 ways to help your body heal naturally after childbirth

Giving birth is hard on the body even though you are equipped to deal with it. To help alleviate the discomfort after labour, we have nine drug-free tips to help your body heal naturally after childbirth.

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Warm bath

The warm water will help soothe vaginal soreness, and give you some much needed me-time.


Put some ice in a plastic bag, wrap it in a towel and place it on the sore spots.

Take a walk

Start moving. Walking is an excellent way to stimulate the pelvic and core muscles to activate the healing process.


Breathing can help relieve labour pains, but it also helps with the postbirth healing process, especially for abdominal separation.

Abdominal bands

Abdominal bands can provide some pain relief in the pelvic area after childbirth. Try using one made of light, graduated compression material.

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Drink water

The benefits of staying hydrated are endless. Health and nutrition experts suggest mothers drink at least half their body weight in ounces after childbirth.


Seek the expert advice of a nutritionist and doctor to give you supplements that will assist in the healing process. Try new recipes with nutritional benefits.


Magnesium is considered an anti-stress mineral, so it will help you rest and stay calm.


Rest might seem like an impossible task with a newborn to take care of, but it’s crucial to your recovery. Take advantage of the little moments that you have to yourself or when your baby is asleep. It might be napping, reading a book or listening to music. Find something that keeps you centred and do that.

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