6 surprising benefits of wearing a belly wrap after pregnancy, PLUS 7 of the best ones to try

Posted on February 1st, 2019

Mommy blogger Nikita Camacho looks at the benefits of wearing a belly wrap after birth and recommends the best belly wraps available in South Africa.

Celebrities are often seen promoting the benefits of belly wrapping after giving birth. However, it isn’t an overnight fix for a postpartum belly.

Some traditional methods involve physically wrapping the belly in material. Other methods include a ready-made belly belt fitted with Velcro to adjust the belt around the abdominal area.

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Benefits of using a belly wrap:

  • Supports lower back
  • Creates good posture especially with C-Section mommies
  • Promotes good blood circulation to assist with healing
  • Helps the stomach’s natural ability to compress back into shape
  • Promotes less water retention
  • Assists with the tightening of loose skin

Things to consider:

  • Speak to your midwife, doula or gynecologist before purchasing a belly wrap.
  • Remember it is not a quick fix gimmick to fit back into your jeans. The benefits are greater than that.
  • Stick to the commitment of a belly wrap for up to at least 6 weeks.

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Belly wraps on the market

Belly Wrap Comfort Abdominal Binder, from R590

Available online from www.bellywrap.co.za.

Belly Wrap

AbdoMend Hem-It-In Belt, from R399

Available online from csectionrecovery.co.za.

AbdoMend Hem-It-In Belt, from R379

Cherished Belly Belt, from R465

Available in black, white and beige from www.cherishedbelly.co.za.

Cherished Belly Belt, from R465

Medal Tummy Tucker Post Pregnancy Belt, R545

Available from Clicks.

Medal Tummy Tucker Post Pregnancy Belt, R400

Belly Bandit, R749.96

Available from www.babyandme.co.za.

Belly Bandit, R749.96

Carriwell Belly Binder, from R519

Available in black and nude from takealot.com.

Carriwell Belly Binder, from R250

Goodbye Belly Wrap, from R520 – R540

This adjustable belly wrap is available in black and beige from www.goodbyebelly.co.za.

Goodbye Belly Wrap, from R500 – R520


I wore a belly binder several days after I gave birth to my daughter. My gynaecologist is a firm believer in the practice and I found that it helped me heal faster after my C-section.

It assisted with my posture, so I was forced to walk up straight while I was still in hospital and it helped soothe the discomfort of the incision. It empowered me to walk around comfortably and I found it easy to breastfeed with the belly binder and I wore it for six weeks under clothing.

I purchased the Carriwell Belly Binder. It works well and fits snuggly under clothing. It is durable and easy to wash.


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