#123Parent Episode 2 with Melissa Swart and Epi-Max

#123Parent is an honest voice for mothers presented by Melissa Swart. Catch new episodes on our social media platforms every week during November.

Mommy blogger Melissa Swart presents the new online series #123Parent exclusively available on our social media channels.

In episode two she speaks about getting your pre-pregnancy body back and why that shouldn’t define you, or come in the way of making memories with your family.

“We all want our bodies to “bounce back” after giving birth, but the simple fact is, even if we get our weight back, our bodies are forever changed and that is okay, YOU GREW A BABY. But we shouldn’t let our body issues, steal moments that we could’ve spent making memories with our tribe.”

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Watch episode 2 of #123Parent below if you haven’t already seen it on our social media channels:

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