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5 Cute baby buys

Here’s five gorgeous baby items that are both gorgeous and useful.


5 Must-have holiday items

These items will ensure a happy and comfortable holiday and travelling experience for you and your little ones.


How clean is too clean?

Keeping your baby clean and healthy is one of a mom’s most important goals, but sometimes the quest for cleanliness


Newborn health basics

Brand new babies have immature immune systems and are susceptible to illness. Here’s what you can do to help. By


How to burp your baby

Burping a baby can be daunting for a first-time mom. Francoise Gallet looks at when to burp your baby and


Sleep and your newborn

Your newborn’s sleep habits may be a total mystery to you. Here’s what you can expect. By Ann Richardson


Toys to soothe a teething baby

Teething toys must offer your children gum pressure, a pleasant texture or a cooling, numbing quality. But the real trick


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