Our top 5 toys for babies 6 – 12 months


During the six to 12’th month period your baby will learn to crawl on her hands and knees, and she may even start to walk. Stimulate his development with these fun toys.

Kick and Play Piano Gym (Fisher-Price)

Age: Newborn+
Available from Toy Zone, Toy Kingdom, Prima Toys and Hamleys for R999.99

Invest in a play gym that includes five fabulous toys, such as a teether and a mirror for your child to study her face. The piano can be reached for and swiped at during tummy time and enjoyed when your baby is ready to sit and press the keys.

Fisher Price Kick and Play Piano Gym

Flow ’n Fill Spout (Yookidoo)

Age: Nine to 39 months
Available from Hamleys for R439.95

This is the world’s best-selling bath toy for a reason – it provides exposure to the elements of water play, but puts entertainment first. It begins with an introduction to cause and effect as your child presses the goggles to turn the spout on.

Yookidoo flow 'n fill spout

Dance & Move Beatbo (Fisher-Price)

Age: Nine to 36 months
Available from Toy Zone, Toy Kingdom, Prima Toys and Hamleys for R1 099.95

Beatbo is a futuristic friend with flashing lights and a moving tummy that captivates your child and entices her to dance with its games and music. The top feature is that your child can record a phrase that Beatbo will remix into a song and play back.

Fisher Price Dance & Move Beatbo

3-in-1 Sit, Stride and Ride Lion (Fisher-Price)

Age: Nine to 36 months
Available from Toy Zone, Toy Kingdom, Prima Toys and  Hamleys for R1 299.99

This super-charged toy takes your baby’s gross-motor skills to the next level. Your older baby will love to sit on the lion and take part in the variety of engaging activities. The ride-along element helps your child to feel autonomous and stimulates muscle tone development in her legs.

Fisher Price 3 in 1 sit and ride lion

AlphaPup (LeapFrog)

Age: 12 months+
Available from Reggie’s and Toys R Us for R429.90

Little walkers will love the company of this adorable pet pal on their many adventures. He has velvet-soft ears to pat and a swagger in his walk. As your child moves, she can learn educational songs. When she sits to rest, her fine muscles receive a great workout as she presses the sweater stripes. The toy assists with phonics and early vocabulary.

Leapfrog Alphapup

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