22 classic baby names

If you’re sick of weird and wacky baby names, give these classic ones a try.


It seems that parents are quickly getting over the trend of weird and wacky baby names, and returning to the more traditional choices. Gone are the days of Harper 7 and Cinnamon. Everything that’s old is new again.

Here’s our round up of the top 11 classic baby names for boys and girls that are back in style:


  1. Stella
  2. Leah
  3. Evelyn
  4. Lucy
  5. Alice
  6. Cora
  7. Edith
  8. Josephine
  9. Emily
  10. Amelia
  11. Annabelle


  1. Henry
  2. Aubrey
  3. Isaac
  4. Samuel
  5. Max
  6. Arthur
  7. Frank
  8. Louis
  9. Oliver
  10. Thomas
  11. Jonathan
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