8 crazy baby-name trends

Check out these eight crazy baby-name trends for 2016.


Finding the perfect name for your little bundle of joy can be a difficult task. But, whatever you do, steer clear of these crazy baby-name trends.

1. Naming your baby after an Instagram filter

Believe it or not, parents are actually naming their children after Instagram filters. Lux rose, Ludwig, Reyes, Juno and Valencia are the most popular names favoured by parents.

2. Naming your child after a ‘Hunger Games’ character

Yes, naming children after your favourite movie characters is a big trend. We saw a lot of Edward’s, Jacob’s and Bella’s after the Twilight craze, but it looks like parents are taking a step further and naming their babies Effie and Primrose. Katniss is also a popular choice.

3. Meet my son, Awesome

Who would have thought it, but parents are now giving their babies adjectives for names. Awesome, Majestic and Handsome are some top choices amongst new parents.

4. Nouns have become baby names

Fancy calling your baby Boss, Halo or Couture? Yes, naming your baby a noun is the thing now.

5. Boozy names

Chardonnay, Cristal and Bellini are some popular names favoured by parents in this category.

6. Star Wars characters are big now

The new Star Wars movie, “The Force Awakens” released in December last year. You’ll be seeing many more kids named Anakin, Poe and Jedi this year.

7. Meet my daughter, Siri

It seems that many parents look no further than their desks when trying to find baby name inspiration. Kindle, Siri, Mac and Arcade are becoming increasingly popular baby name choices.

8. Celebs are naming their children after animals

The latest celeb baby-name trend is to name your child after an animal. Alicia Silverstone named her son Bear. Busy Phillips named her daughters Cricket and Birdie, and Zoe Deschanel’s daughter’s middle name is Otter.

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