7 totally normal reasons why babies cry

Posted on February 18th, 2016

7 totally normal reasons why babies cry

It’s heart-breaking to hear your baby cry, and this feeling intensifies when nothing you do seems to stop his tears. Here’s why your little one might be crying and how you can make him feel better.

1. Baby might be hungry

Offer your little one a breast if you breastfeed, or a bottle if you’re formula feeding.

2. Check his nappy

While baby’s nappy might be clean, it might be too tight which could be the reason for his crying. Loosen it up a little to see if that helps.

3. Your little one might be bored

Believe it or not, babies can get bored and they don’t like being ignored. If he won’t stop crying, pick him up, give him a new toy to play with or sing him a new song.

4. Baby could be overstimulated

Just as babies get upset when they receive too little attention, they’ll also kick up a fuss if they’re getting too much attention. Take your little one to a quiet spot for a nap or swaddle him until he feels secure.

5. He might be feeling gassy

Try burping your baby, then gently massaging his tummy to relive gas. You can also put him down for tummy time.

6. Baby might be feeling hot

Check your little one’s hands and feet, his forehead and the nape of his neck to check if he’s hot or cold.

7. Baby needs a nap

Who doesn’t get cranky when they’re tired? Sometimes the most obvious reason for your baby’s tears is because he is tired. Put him down for a nap, he’ll feel much better after his sleep.

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