6 of our favourite cloth nappies

Cloth nappies are gaining popularity thanks to their ecological and financial benefits. These are just a few of our favourites.

The new wave of cloth nappies are well suited to the needs of modern moms, with no pinning or folding necessary. With a wide range of options available, you’re sure to find one perfect for you and your baby.

Important cloth nappie terms

  • All-in-ones: These nappies have a moisture-resistant outer layer and an absorbent inner – they can take a little while to dry.
  • All-in-twos: These consist of a lined waterproof outer layer and absorbent inner layers that snap in with press studs. They can be taken apart for washing, so they dry faster than all-in-ones.
  • Pocket nappies: These have a waterproof outer layer and a soft inner lining, which forms the shell. Between these two layers there’s a pocket for the absorbent inserts.

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The Nature Nappy

R185, mothernatureproducts.co.za

The Nature Nappy is adjustable to your baby’s size and is made with 100% natural bamboo cotton towelling. This one-size-fits-all cloth nappy is designed to fit your baby from birth to the potty training stage. The elasticated waist and legs gives a snug, leak-proof fit with plastic press studs that snap on easily for convenience.

The Nature Nappy

Smitten Baby Nappy

R395, smittenbabyboutique.co.za

This modern cloth nappy has a layer of waterproof fabric on the outside and absorbent layers inside. This all-in-one option is all you need as there are no additional layers or covers. With no folding or pinning needed, this nappy is an easy-to-use option. The rise snaps in the front allow for small, medium, large and extra-large sizing.

Smitten Baby Nappy

Fancypants Basic Nappy

R210, fancypantsproducts.co.za

The Fancypants Basic Nappy is padded with a three-layer microfibre insert, while the waterproof outer comes in a choice of colourful, fun designs. Each nappy is lined with an extra-soft suede cloth that will keep your baby’s bum dry. The bamboo liners are flushable while the rest of the nappy can be put directly in the wash.

Fancypants Basic Nappy

Blueberry Simplex all-in-one Nappy

R425, smittenbabyboutique.co.za

The Blueberry Simplex nappy combines the convenience of an all-in-one nappy with the absorbency and adjustability of a pocket one. The nappy has pocket openings on both ends that allow you to increase the nappy’s absorbency by adding extra inserts.

Blueberry Simplex All-In-One Nappy

Bamboo All-In-One+ Nappy

R200, bamboobaby.co.za

This one-size-fits-all bamboo nappy features four rows of rise snaps in the front to allow for small, medium, large and extra-large sizing. Two inserts snap easily into the waterproof cover. The inserts contain one layer of microfibre surrounded by two layers of bamboo. This is a slim-fit nappy, which dries quickly.

Bamboo All-In-One Nappy

Baba Gear Plain Cloth Nappy

R130, babagear.co.za

This nappy consists of a waterproof, breathable shell, suede cloth inner and microfibre insert. The nappy is soft against your baby’s skin and the material is absorbent. Press studs allow you to adjust the size of the nappy as your baby grows.

Baba Gear Plain Cloth Nappy

*Prices correct at time of being published in September 2016.

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