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6 bizarre baby products you might not have known about

Posted on August 23rd, 2017

Mommy blogger Nikita Camacho rounds up some of the most bizarre baby products on the market. Waste of money, or genius? You decide.

6 bizarre baby products

As mothers, we find ourselves amazed by the creative baby products out there – sometimes even thinking, “Why didn’t I think of that?” But however useful or clever the baby products might be, there is a vast variety of the downright ridiculous.

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Floating neck ring 

The baby floating neck ring has come under scrutiny lately due to safety concerns. Your baby may look cute floating about, but it’s a frightening experience getting the ring on – I speak from experience.

Available from Otteroo

 Floating neck ring

Baby Shusher

The tagline of the Baby Shusher is “The Sleep Miracle”. So what does it do? It makes rhythmic shushing noises to help soothe a crying baby. According to the website, it’s been approved by doctors and sleep deprivation is one of the most challenging aspects of parenting, so we moms will try anything.

Retails from R599 available online and at selected Kids Emporium stores.

Baby Shusher

Pee pee teepee

This invention is for moms with little boys. The little teepee acts as a protective cover to prevent any surprise sprinklings during nappy changes. Clearly, a mom or a dad got fed up with the little sprays and created this gadget, but it’s hard not to giggle about this one.

Available from selected Kids Emporium stores.

Pee pee Teepee

Singing Potty

If you’ve started potty training, you will know there is a ridiculous variety of potties available on the market – and one that sings sounds singing potty sounds a little crazy to me. What if the singing gives your child stage fright? Just kidding, but there are videos of toddlers sticking their feet in the potty to play the music!

Retails from R899 on takealot.com

Singing potty


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Zaky infant pillow 

As ridiculous as this may look, it makes complete sense. When your baby just wants to be held while she sleeps, but you desperately need a rest, too, the pillow stands in for you. It’s used in hospital wards too!

Available online from Nurtured by Design

Zaky infant pillow

Formula mixer 

I saw this product in store and actually laughed out loud. I thought that shaking a bottle with formula and water was enough, but thus automatic formula mixer makes the perfect bottle with no lumps. It looks similar to a coffee frother though.

Available at Baby Boom

Formula mixer


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