4 tips to pack for your multiples’ first outing

Posted on April 13th, 2018

Mom of twins Martine Hendricks gives advice on what to pack, and what to leave at home, when you leave the house with your twins, triplets or quadruplets for the first time.


Thinking of taking your babies out for the day? You don’t need to pack the entire nursery in your nappy bag. Here’s what to take with and what to leave behind.

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Choosing the right nappy bag

When choosing a nappy bag, make sure that:

  • The bag works for everybody – mom, dad, nanny, and granny. Try to stay away from character bags or gender-specific colours.
  • Choose a bag with a long strap for carrying and handles for holding.
  • Make sure it has lots of compartments.

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What clothes to pack

We have already established that babies need to be comfortable all the time, so packing extra clothes for them should be easy. Keep it simple with two cotton body vests for each baby – long sleeve for the colder days and short sleeve for warmer temperatures. Pair these with two leggings for each baby and throw in a pair of socks per baby, extra beanie for each and some bibs, and place their blankets in their individual car seats to save space.

And the extras

  • Bum cream or Vaseline
  • Burping cloths
  • Wet wipes
  • Trash bags
  • Any meds they may need
  • A towel (this can be used for multiple purposes)
  • Don’t forget the buggy/pram/stroller


The best thing to do is to get a separate cooler bag for all the feeding items as this will eliminate any chance of spillage on the non-food items. Depending on the time you’ll be away from home, make bottle feeds to cover at least two feeds. Think about the place you’re going and if there will be hot water available in case you need to make more bottles. If not, take a flask filled with boiled water. Put pacifiers, formula, yoghurts, cereal, teething snacks, and any other food in plastic containers to save space.

And now you’re ready to head out with the squad! Don’t get anxious when you realise you forgot something – there will be a shop along the way to get what you need.