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Mini vetkoek recipe

Noeleen Foster shows you how to make your own mini vetkoek filled with savoury mince.


Energy bar recipe

This healthy energy bar is perfect to snack on during pregnancy. It’s cheap to make plus the pumpkin seeds will


Power packed oat bars

These delicious bars are great for lunchboxes or as a tasty snack any time of the day. They are also


Super berry smoothie

This delicious super berry smoothie is the perfect healthy treat to cool your kids off on hot summer’s days. By


Baked samoosas

Samoosas are a famous Indian snack, but they’re loved around the world. They’re perfect to snack on when you’re feeling


Garlic Pitta Breadsticks

Serve with crudités and avocado and low-fat or fat-free cottage cheese dip for a lunch snack.


Chip & Dip

This healthy chip and dip recipe is the perfect snack for picnics or just as a special treat on weekends.


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