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Halloween muffins

Although Halloween’s a holiday that’s not officially celebrated in South Africa, it’s still fun to dress up the kids to


Foods for allergy babies

Leading nutrition expert, Annabel Karmel shows you have to make easy dishes for little ones with food allergies.


Healthy lunchbox recipes

Spruce up your lunchbox offerings in a jiffy with these recipes from Annabel Karmel. They’ll come back empty every time.


3 Recipes for fussy eaters

A huge majority of children go through at least one lengthy stage of fussiness when it comes to food, which


First finger foods

At around eight or nine months, it’s time to introduce your little one to finger foods. Try these easy recipes


Colourful tabbouleh

This delicious tabbouleh recipe from Annabel Karmel is a simple ad quick healthy lunch option. Combine with hummus and flat


Cherub’s chowder

Don’t have hours to spend in the kitchen preparing meals? Try this quick and easy recipe from Annabel Karmel.


Soup Au Pistou

Spoil your family with this mouth-watering soup au pistou recipe from Annabel Karmel …


Easter animal cookies

The Easter break is a lovely opportunity to cook with your child. Try Annabel Karmel’s ginger cookies -they only take


Chocolate Easter egg nests

This recipe with Weet-Bix and melted chocolate makes perfect nests for candy-coated Easter Eggs. You could also make the chocolate


Chick cupcakes

Annabel Karmel shows you how to bake and decorate cute chick cupcakes your children will love.


Cheesy cottage pie

Nothing beats cooking and eating together with your family. So try this delicious cheesy cottage pie recipe from Annabel Karmel …


First food recipes

Although milk provides all the nutrients your baby needs for the first six months or so, Annabel Karmel shows you

Tips for starting weaning

Getting it right from the outset will make the process of weaning your baby over the coming months much easier.


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