WATCH: Baby rolling over inside mom’s tummy!

This little one looks like he is having a dance off inside moms’ tummy…


In a video that has been viewed over 9 million times on Facebook, a mother captures the moment when her baby rolls over in her womb – she’s 39 weeks pregnant in the video.

Mom and Dad sound relatively calm in the video while capturing their little one’s antics, with mom saying she’s sure there’s nothing to worry about. You can hear a couple of people having a conversation in the back ground.

We’re not quite sure why she’s asking or why it matters, but Mom asks Dad if he had unprotected sex with her the previous night… his reply is quite hilarious!

Watch the video below:

Is it common for babies to roll over in the womb like this?

Most babies are born head first, with their back against your stomach and their chin tucked in on their chest. During the early stages of pregnancy, it doesn’t matter in which position your baby lies. But, once you’re ready to go into labour, your baby should turn all the way around to the front.

Perhaps this is what this mom captured in the video… it is indeed a very special and unusual moment.

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