Heartbreaking: pregnant mom loses baby to COVID-19

The world mourns with Marzanne Lennox upon hearing the news of her unborn baby’s death.


Image: Facebook / Marzanne and her dad Skip Scheepers

Marzanne Lennox who tested positive for COVID-19 a little more than two weeks ago has lost her baby. The Pretoria mom-to-be was 30 weeks pregnant when she was admitted to ICU to be treated for coronavirus last week.

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Marzanne’s dad, Skip Scheepers told Pretoria Moot Rekord that his grandchild died 8 days ago already, but doctors advised them not to tell their daughter as it could affect her recovery.

Marzanne was told about the death of her baby yesterday morning, Skip told the media, “she had to have a procedure to have the baby removed, which was successful,” he said.

She is now back in ICU for further COVID-19 treatment. “The pipe which was previously in her mouth, is now down her throat,” Skip said.

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He added that he hoped and believed that she would recover soon.

“If there is one thing I can say to the community, it is this – please wear your mask, regularly wash your hands and stay away from other people,” he told.

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