Your pre-pregnancy diet plan

A wholesome diet and regular exercise are the two most important factors to ensuring a healthy pregnancy and baby. Download your free pre-pregnancy diet plan here.


You’ve heard of the saying ‘you are what you eat’ – this is even more true for the baby developing inside you. What you provide as nutrition for your baby will form the building blocks, or foundation, that will determine the health of your child for probably the rest of his life. A healthy mom carries a healthy baby.

During pregnancy, you will be advised to stay away from soft cheeses, smoked foods, undercooked meats and fish, and anything that could pose a problem to your unborn child, but for now there are some foods in these categories that are really healthy and can assist with your end goal. Cottage cheese, ricotta, lightly smoked salmon or salmon trout, lean steak (cooked any way you like it) and sushi can all form part of your healthy meal plan.

Download your free sample meal plan here: 

The secret in any diet (your daily intake of food, and not to be mistaken with a fad diet) is:

  • Variety and a reasonable portion size, which will differ from woman to woman, depending on her height and weight, and her goal, too.
  • Always drink lots of water. Adding fresh fruit, such as lemon or strawberries, makes it a healthier treat.
  • Snack on fresh fruit or vegetables if you’re hungry – it’s so easy to grab an apple, naartjie or pear, or carrot, baby corn, or sugar snap peas as you rush out the house.
  • Allocate time in your schedule to prepare food – either 10 minutes each morning, or a bit of time on the weekend to organise food for the week. This will save you time and money in the long run, and ensure that you stick to your plan and are not tempted to order junk food.


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