6 fun baby shower games that won’t make you cringe

“Cool” isn’t a word often associated with baby shower games – until now. Try out these fun ways to rev up your event. By Lisa Witepski


How well do you know your baby’s father? Guess how big the baby bump is. Gift bingo. So far, so yawn. Skip these been-there-done-that party favourites, and start some fun new traditions at your shower.

Make your own onesies

Fact: You can never have enough onesies. But instead of stocking your baby’s wardrobe with run-of-the-mill babygros, buy a stack from Ackermans (any colour will do), then provide some fabric paints and invite guests to get decorating. You’ll end up with a whole lot of new clothes that are also special souvenirs from the people who love you and your family.

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Guess the baby

Many of us have played the ‘name the baby’ game, asking guests to bring pics from their baby days and mixing them up so that you can match the baby faces with the grown up aunts, friends and sisters. Ring the changes by creating a celebrity match: go online to find celebs’ baby pics, then guess which Hollywood superstars they became.

Baby food Masterchef

This one is for those budding Nigellas. Ever looked at a jar of mushy khaki baby food and felt grateful you don’t have to eat it? Set up a station with a blender and fresh ingredients for each guest, and challenge them to see who comes up with the tastiest concoction.

Baby Olympics

There are a couple of ways to play this game. If your friendship circle is fairly new to motherhood, set up a few typical mom tasks like making a bottle and changing nappies. The person who completes each task fastest, is the winner. If you’re old hands, ask each mom to bring a pram to race around an obstacle course in the garden – again, speed wins.

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Baby songs

From Justin Bieber to Amy Grant, loads of singers have made songs with “baby’” in the title. In this game, the hostess compiles them in a play list. The guests have to correctly guess the song title and artist of each.

Create a time capsule

Ask each guest to bring a special something representing the year the baby was born – maybe a press cutting about a high profile event or happening, a song or a picture of the celebrity of the day. Put them all in a box to be opened on the baby’s 21st birthday.

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