5 things that suck when you’re pregnant at Christmas


Let’s face it. Christmas just isn’t the same when you’re pregnant. It will suck, but at least you can look forward to next year when you celebrate your first Christmas with your baby.

1. Morning sickness

If you’re in the early stages of pregnancy or if you suffer from everlasting nausea, Christmas lunch just won’t be the same. As the house fills with the smells of Christmas treats and dishes, you’ll be racing to the bathroom more often than you want to.

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2. People will buy gifts for the baby

You’ll be receiving a lot of presents for the baby this year even though he isn’t here yet. These gifts won’t be additional; they’ll replace the presents people would usually buy for you.

3. You’ll fall asleep early

Face it, these days you just can’t keep your eyes open after 7pm. You’ll be fast asleep by 7.30pm and most likely miss all the Christmas movies you wanted to watch with your partner. If you have older kids who require a lot of your attention during the day, you’ll probably be napping on the couch even before dinner is served, unless you work in an afternoon nap.

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4. Everyone’s going to want to touch your bump

If you’re spending the day with relatives, you’ll find that they are very touchy feely when it comes to your bump. Everyone will want to touch your bump and feel the baby kick at some point during the day.

5. No booze

Christmas parties are notoriously boozy affairs, and even family affairs can get quite festive after the second bottle of wine. While everyone around you gets merry and let their hair down, you’ll be worrying about your swollen ankles and trying your hardest to hide your yawn behind your hand.

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