Second trimester pregnancy diet plan

Posted on January 31st, 2018

We look at optimal eating in your second trimester, when you’re that much closer to meeting your little cherub. By Sasha Zambetti

Second trimester pregnancy diet plan

As you enter your second trimester, from 12 weeks, you’ll probably start feeling stronger. If you’ve been experiencing morning sickness or nausea, this will begin to subside or disappear and you won’t feel as tired as you did in your first trimester.

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A good pre-natal multi-vitamin, as well as an omega and  calcium supplement, is essential in your second trimester. Endeavour to eat a nutritious diet with meals that are nutrient dense and not just filling. Eating for two, and the associated weight gain, is not necessary if you’re eating the correct nutrients as you will only need about 300 calories more.

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Your baby is now developing her bones, eyes and other organs, and growing exponentially. To aid in proper development, you need to get more calcium, vitamin D, vitamin A, protein, iron and omegas.

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